Virtual reality gaming

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Virtual reality. It can be a really good and fun thing. There are multiple uses for virtual reality. Like for example in some flight schools they use virtual reality to help students to get a feel of how it is to fly a plane without actually flying a plane. But the virtual reality I’m going to talk about, is gaming. Virtual reality gaming (VR gaming) is another form of gaming. VR gaming almost always uses a headset that goes over the head and covers the entire face. and in the headset there’s a screen that makes it seem like you’re somewhere where you’re not, doing something that you’re not doing, but seems and feels like you are. One famous virtual reality game is Minecraft. Another famous virtual reality game is, Resident Evil. It’s a pretty good game but it’s scary and even scarier when you play it in virtual reality. I personally haven’t played virtual reality but I would really like to play virtual reality. I have watched videos of people playing virtual reality. I want to get a virtual reality headset.