Zion Williamson injury update

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

Zion is set to debut against the San Antonio Spurs on January the 22 everyone in the league has been waiting on his return everyone also had him as the clear favorite in the rookie of the year race but out of nowhere Zion told his coaches that he was feeling knee pain and they sat him out in a Preseason game against the Spurs and when they checked him at the doctors turns out he had torn his meniscus and had to get surgery but it was no big deal because he was only suppose to not play for 2 – 4 weeks but then he never returned and now he is coming back almost 3-4 months ago but now everyone is anticipating his return as last years first overall pick in the draft he was expected to win the Rookie of the year award but since he has been out Ja Morant has been lighting the NBA on fire with his unique play style that reminds them of a former MVP Derrick Rose because of his shocking hops but also his shot creating but people say that it is gonna take a lot for Zion to win Rookie of the year with Ja play like he has been playing this whole season.