Who missed the 2020 Golden Globes and why

Colby Hayden and Elizabeth Poole

The 77th Golden Globe awards were held on January 5th of this year.  There were plenty of people who had been elected, however a few in fact did not show up. Here are a few of the people who didn’t show up, and the reason they hadn’t showed up.

First up we have Russell Crowe, this celebrity won an award for his work on the showtime limited series ‘The Loudest Voice’. Jennifer Aniston had ended up informing event attendees he was unable to come for the event that night. Russell didn’t show up since he was at home in Australia, protecting his family from the current raging bush-fires.While Russel was is in Australia he was saying how dangerous it is on social media. Next up is Octavia Spencer, she always showed up for these awards, so when she didn’t show up for the 2020 everyone noticed immediately. The celebrity ended up posting a picture of the her wig that she planned on wearing to the award ceremony, and in the caption she stated that she’d be unable to make it because she was “congested, coughing, and in full blown sweat mode”  and she put the hashtag #fluseason.

Emma Thompson is the next celebrity on the list, however though she was nominated for “best performance by an actress in a musical or comedy for the film “Late Night,” she still hadn’t shown up. It is unclear on why Emma did not attend the ceremony. Third to last is Christian Bale was rumored to have skipped the award show due to him feeling under the weather that day, though that has not fully been confirmed. The couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also didn’t show up to this ceremony. Ryan Reynolds was actually nominated for an aware for this ceremony. People have claims that they weren’t there because of their third child, that they had a few months ago back in October. It also could have been travel reasons, since they live in New York and would’ve had to travel to California. Last is, Jamie Lee Curtis,  she is said to have skipped the festival and instead watched it from home. Fans wanted to see her walk the red carpet, they wanted to see what the new year had to bring. Last year, she was in a gorgeous white dress, and she was even in best picture nominee “Knives Out”. So it is unaware on why she wanted to stay home.

Now these aren’t all of the celebrities who had skipped the nominees, there are a few more, but this is just a few that we thought we would mention.