Animal cruelty

Colby Hayden and Elizabeth Poole

Animals, they’re such amazing things, especially when you get to have one as a pet. From dogs to birds or even snakes, they all are beautiful. Do they deserve to be abused or injured because humans can be disgusting creatures? Of course not, animals and/or pets are just too good for us. Animal abuse is a serious thing, especially since I personally am a big lover of all animals. Now, I am not speaking of companies who need to use animals to make meat products- I’m speaking about pets, and abuse towards them.

Animal abuse shouldn’t be allowed, there are a lot of messed up things people do but we really shouldn’t put it on animals. Animals help us in our daily lives when it comes to people that need it for a disability or as an emotional support animal. But hurting an animal for no reason should never be an answer, I’ve seen some people kick their dogs and it’s horrible to watch the animal looks like it got used to being hit. It’s really horrible to know the animal that they have has been hurt and suffering for a while.

A month or go there was a video on Facebook of a tied up horse getting dragged by a truck. A 59 years old and a 33 year old have both been charged with one count of animal cruelty. The owner of the horse, who is staying anonymous, said- “..I lost my job, I’ve upset people. I made our horse go through something that he shouldn’t have…” and “..I’m very sorry, I get why people are upset. I was so stupid, I don’t know why we did it..” 

This, sadly, isn’t the only case that has been reported of animal abuse. Yesterday, Jan. 5th, a two-month-old puppy was thrown out of a moving vehicle in Wisconsin. Luckily a Samaritan had found the puppy and was able to take it to a Vet so the pup could get help for his injures. Sadly though, the dog had to have it’s leg amputated, but it’s good that that was the only major issue with the puppy.

Though many people dislike Trump, he has signed to make a law preventing animal cruelty so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. Which is amazing that we now have a law for animals.