School buses and train stops

Zoey Mcneil, Staff Writer

On December 19,2019 at 7:08, a Woods Cross bus was found stuck in a rock and a hard place. This bus had been inching up to see if the UTA bus was coming and the train arms then came down onto the bus. This bus at the time was full of kids and could’ve been harmed but was just 15 feet away from the UTA Front-Runner train. The Davis County School District responded saying that they train the bus drivers to inch up in order to see a clear path on the tracks. When the driver did this the arms started going down and it was then too late to back up so the driver had to stay very still in the spot he was in. Unfortunately things like this happen all the time whether it’s a bus or not many accidents happen at train crossings. People need to be aware of these crossing and listen for the warnings like bells, whistles, lights, and most importantly the arms.   In Utah each year, 12% of crashes are from failure to yield which is approximately 154 deaths. If people simply pay attention this number could be lowered and lives could be saved.