Utah Jazz struggling to get wins

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

The Utah Jazz have been struggling on getting wins. So far in the season they have had a rocky start to their season; but this is how it usually starts for them. In they end they put it together. A mainr reason why they are losing games is due to chemistry with new teammates. Mike Conley, in my opinion I don’t believe Mike will work out for this team. We should get a trade for him because he is pretty old now; being 32 years old. We should trade for a decent point guard to at least give assist and points to the team. Mike is being a shell of his Grizzly days and maybe it could work out and they could get that chemistry going, but the odds aren’t going in the Jazz’ favor. The other new teammate is Bojan Bogdanović. He has been a really good fit with the Jazz so far. He has been putting up monster points for the Jazz even though his defense is lacking a little, but he makes up with his offense. He has been a perfect  fit into the Jazz system.