Legal cbd

Zoey Mcneil, Staff Writer

Cannabidiol also known as CBD has been legal in Utah for quite some time now but with the medical marijuana now legal it’s becoming more known. People are using CBD to help them with any problem they might have that they could use CBD to help such as sleep, anxiety, depression, pain, etc. Employers are starting to figure this out and have been testing more often that ever before. The issue is that most CBD products have low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is in them which if taken enough of can show up on a drug test. This is starting to become more common the more people are using CBD products. Not only is it adults using these but if your 18 and older you can as well, which effects people at an even younger age and can ruin their job reputation. The younger you start the more you will be effected at an earlier age by something that is completely legal and your right as a person to be able to do.