Esports gaming

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Hunter High school has an Esports gaming team. I have a friend who is in the team. He plays Overwatch and League of Legends for the school. They play scrims often. If you are good enough you can get a scholarship. He was talking to me about how you get into the team. You have to be scouted first. Which means you have to get found by a recruiter. For example, on Overwatch if you are really good, a recruiter might scout you. Which basically means they will invite you to join the team. In the team, if you are one of the top players in the team you might be chosen to play scrims and professionally for the team. My friend for example, Anthony, went through all those steps. He now plays professionally. Scrims is just a match for “professional” players.
No matter the game you’re playing, you can play scrims. It’s just a match with more advanced players. For example, Fortnite, it’s one of the most popular games, and people play scrims on Fortnite everyday. There are different levels of players. The lowest one is a beginner, or how in the gaming community many people will refer to them as “noobs” which is basically someone who isn’t good at a game or who is barely starting out. Amateur players are just regular players. They’re not bad at the game they play, but they’re also not necessarily really good at the game they play. Just your regular gamer. Professional players are players who are better than the majority of the players of the game. They went pro, which means they are most likely signed to a team or just very well known in the gaming community. For example, a very famous pro Fortnite player is Tfue. He currently isn’t signed to a team but is one of the best Fortnite players out there.