Cartel war and its casualties

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

On November 4, nine people were killed 3 of the 9 were mothers and the other 6 were children these women and children were attacked while they were in their suv´s the Cartel riddled their cars with bullet holes and after they killed many they also burned the cars some sources say that the car was mistaken to be a rival gang car but 6 children did survive the massacre.


There has been a cartel war going on in Mexico for a long time but it was pretty well handled some people say though that the american government paid some crooked cops in mexico to catch El Chapo’s son that is in mexico and bring him to the U.S because the only reason the cartel wars started getting really dangerous for pedestrians, but in the end El Chapo’s son turned himself in to stop the war but it only got worse.


In mexico the raging war over drugs and and an avocado company worth millions of billions of dollars and with more than a dozen cartel groups and with pedestrians feeling even more in danger then ever even some pedestrians have retaliated and started arming themselves and attacking the cartel to try and stop them.