Cell phone ban

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Starting very soon there is going to be a cell phone ban in H hall in Hunter High School. The cell phone ban is caused by teachers who want students to pay more attention in class. A teache, Mr. Perkins, said one of the reasons why he wants to the cell phone ban to go through is because of how when most of the time when he walks into his classroom lots of the students are on their phones. Mr. Perkins also made a statement that was “If the phones don’t go, then I go!” One can completely see where Perkins is coming from, and to some extent agree with him. Mr. Perkins said that most of the time when he walks into his classroom he sees a majority of students are on their phones, playing games or just scrolling through Facebook or whatever. [I agree with him on that.]
One thing he said where I don’t agree with him is that he is pushing for the ban for the whole school, including in the hallways. I don’t agree with that because in the hallways we are not in a classroom and not really disturbing anyone for being on our phones. We’re not disrupting classroom activities because class is out when we are in the halls. Now, more teachers are talking about the cell phone ban. One could that it’s just going to make things worse.
Students already sluff enough, and now if the cell phone ban is approved then students will be sluffing even more because they won’t be able to use their phones. Cell phones are part of students’ everyday lives; students are used to having phones with them all day long. It could be compared to how we got used to wearing shoes or managing our hair. If school rules take phone use away from students, it will simple be “weird and will completely mess up a fair mount of our routines,” responded an unnamed student Another comment was, “This cell phone ban won’t be good for the school. Say no to the cell phone ban.”