School shootings

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

School shootings are a serious issue here in the United States, and they need to be handled better. Now, I am not saying that these things aren’t already being taken care of right now, however they could be handled better. Schools should stop the whole ‘everyone, get in one corner away from the door and windows’. If every student is in one place then that just gives the shooter a better chance of injuring more children in a matter of seconds. If kids were spread out and had desks flipped on their sides they would have a better chance of not getting hit. When these threats enter classrooms and see that all the students are in one spot, they will have a clear shot. Us being in one spot it just helping them out, since they don’t have to move things or try too hard.  

What can be one of the causes of school shootings? Bullying may be one of the many reasons for these tragedies. How? Well, if you had people constantly picking on you, calling you names and making fun of you for what you don’t have, wouldn’t you end up snapping one way or another one day? Bullying can be one reason for some of the school shootings, but not all. Schools may need to step up with how they deal with bullying. Just telling kids that what they are doing is wrong doesn’t always work, it may for a few people, but that again may not work. Schools may want to take it to the point where they should talk to the child’s parents right after the warning( if another offense happens). Kids seem to listen to their own parents better than some random person who works at the school they attend. Since that school teacher or principal have no idea what could be going on at home, so they couldn’t do much help fix that behavior, and parents understand their kids better and kids also trust their parents more, which makes it easier. 

Bullying is definitely not the only reason for these problems. Sometimes people who suffer from mental illnesses can just do it, just out of being unable to control themselves. Now, not everyone with mental illnesses will do this, but illnesses could cause it. I won’t say much about this since I am not a psychiatrist and don’t know for sure, but it is still possible. Shootings could also be done by people trying to prove a point, or they could be done as a hate crime (this would mostly be for shootings in general, not specifically schools).

Terrible things can happen with these weapons get into the wrong hands. We need to try better with this whole gun safety thing. Parents need to start locking up/hiding their guns from their children better, these kids are most likely going to go for their parents guns first since they’re probably the easiest to access. The youth are not the only people who shouldn’t have gun in hand, but people who are unstable shouldn’t have access to them either.