Wondering about a school-wide ban on cell phones

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

*Ding Ding* That’s your cell phone going off. Imagine life without your cell phone. Imagine everyday for 7 hours you’re not allowed to use your phone. But what if it’s an emergency you might ask, well the school wouldn’t care and the teachers would take it anyway. Is that fair? Doesn’t sound like it is fair, right? But the school doesn’t think that and thinks that it’s really fair. What if your parents need to contact you to tell you about an emergency? I can guarantee you that most parents wouldn’t think to first contact the school office so that they can get a hold of their child when they can reach their child faster by sending them a text or calling them if it’s an emergency. Think about it, if you were to get into an accident would you contact your child’s school office to try and get a hold of them? Or would you try to contact them directly? If it were me I would for sure contact my child directly. Yeah there’s also reasons why some teachers want to ban cell phones like, students being on their phones and not doing work. But if I were a teacher I would let the students use their cell phones and if they don’t know what to do for the assignment it’s going to be their fault because they weren’t paying attention. They get the grade that they earn, by paying attention. Yeah sometimes we students need a break and just don’t do anything for a whole class just because we’re tired or need a break from all the school work.