NBA so far

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

How the NBA is going so far plus the awards even though it is early to guess who is going to get which award. The top 5 candidates for the MVP award are looking like Lebron James from the Lakers, Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Bucks, Kawhi Leonard from the Clippers, Anthony Davis from the Lakers, and Joel Embiid from the 76ers. They are all averaging more then 20 points but it is still really early to say. Someone is going to win the award. Also Stephen Curry will be playing around December where he should be coming back. Now the standings are looking like this: 1 – 8 in the East Celtics, Heat, Bucks, 76ers, Raptors, Hornets, Pacers, Pistons. In the West it is looking like this: from 1-8 Lakers, Mavericks, Nuggets, Clippers, Jazz, Rockets, Spurs, Suns and that’s it so far for this NBA season.