Will citizenship be required to be able to walk at graduation

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Should citizenship be required so that students will be able to walk at graduation? Honestly, in my opinion, “no.” Some schools don’t require students to have a certain amount of CPA. Here at Hunter you need a 2.0 average CPA to be able to walk at graduation. It won’t stop you from graduating if you don’t have the 2.0 Average CPA, but you won’t be able to walk at graduation. Who doesn’t want to walk at graduation though? That’s one of the best part of graduating. Hearing your name called, being able to walk on that stage and get handed your diploma. Your family in the the crowd recording you and being all proud. If you worked really hard to graduate why wouldn’t you want to walk at graduation? But the CPA average might stop you and could ruin your moment.