NBA season so far

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

Yesterday, October 31 the Golden State Warriors played against the suns it was going fine until the 2nd quarter when Curry went for a layup and he went down and landed weird on his hand then Aron Baynes fell on his hand putting all that weight/pressure on his left wrist broke it. He had to go straight to the locker room where later they announced that he had broken his hand in other news. The Jazz beat the Clipper 110 – 96 also the Rockets had a historical game yesterday where they broke the scoring record for the team the old record was 156 and now the new record is 159 which is amazing. Notable players for that game was James Harden of the Rockets scoring 59 points and Bradley Beal who scored 46 points for the Wizards also the score was 156 to 159 it was an amazing game for both teams win or lose. Also the 76ers beat the Timberwolves the 76ers still have a perfect 4-0 record being the best team in the east and the best team in the west is the Spurs with a 3-0 record .