NBA regular season standings for now

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

The NBA season has just started and already it has been amazing just yesterday the jazz won by one point and the standings go like this in the Eastern Conference the top eight teams are 1. 76ers 2.Raptors 3.Heat 4.Hawks 5.Bucks 6.Celtics 7.Pistons 8.Magic and in the Western Conference 1.Nuggets 2.Spurs 3. Timber-wolves 4.Clippers 5.Jazz 6.Rockets 7.Mavericks 8.Lakers now for the impressive performances this week   yesterday the Rockets beat the Thunder with James Harden scoring 40 and Russell Westbrook almost getting a triple double also yesterday the Jazz beat the Sun by 1 point in clutch time Donovan Mitchell get a foul call to win the game for the Jazz so far this season has been really great and its gonna keep on getting better as time goes by and more games are played