Automotive makes and models


Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Cars, there are many of them in the world. You might just see a car and think nothing about it, but the thing is that not all cars are the same, and you’re probably thinking “well of course they’re not the same, they look different and have different interiors” but those are just a few of the differences that cars have. For example you probably didn’t know that there are Diesel cars, that instead of gasoline, they use Diesel. Diesel can be more expensive or cheaper than gas, it just really depends on where you live. Most people when they hear Diesel they think of trucks, but trucks aren’t the only type of vehicles that use Diesel, for example the 2019 Chevrolet Cruze uses Diesel. Diesel vehicles are also more fuel efficient because Diesel is more thicker than gas. Diesel vehicles emit less carbon dioxide carbon monoxide than gasoline fueled vehicles. Another difference that cars have other than fuel types is what’s under the hood. I personally am a car person, so I care more about what’s under the hood than the appearance. The appearance is good to have but it’s not necessarily essential like whats under the hood, especially since you need and engine for the car to run. There are different types of engines, like for example a V8 car, a V10, or even better a V12 car. The number means how many cylinders the car has. The more cylinders, the more the power.