Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Tires. There are all kinds of tires in the world. Snow tires, winter tires. No matter whether you spell it as “Tyres” or “Tires” we can all agree that everyone with a car needs these. Not just any kind of tires though, the tires for the right time of the season, or whichever tires you prefer. Big, bulky tires, or really skinny tires for bigger rims. For racers, there are also tires for how you prefer to drive. Like for example, drift tires are perfect if you want to go out drifting, or grip tires for more grip on the road and less drift. Different people drive different ways, choose whatever option fits you better. If I was racing, I would personally choose drift tires because I just like to drift, and it looks really cool. Tires, although they might not seem like it, are pretty heavy and can catch you off guard if you’re trying to take it off and you don’t expect it. Changing tires can be really dangerous if you aren’t careful either. If you jack up your car and you have your foot under where the tire is, if you didn’t put the car on the jack stand and its just staying up on the lift, it could give way and fall flat on the ground, and BAM! Your foot is crushed.