A student break room

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

Hunter High School should have a specific room dedicated for students to go to when needing a break from the stress, the crowding and all the noise. Mental health is a very important thing, and schools don’t seem to care much about it. Many students probably suffer from mental health issues, or mental issues, which can cause their grade to suffer pretty bad. Not only that but High school students who suffer from mental illnesses are twice as likely to dropout. However, having a nice, quiet calming room, for people to talk to professionals could be useful for those students who just need to take a breather, and sit for a minute without all the crowding and noise, maybe talk about their issues.  A room designed like this could not only be helpful for those who may get anxiety attacks and things similar to them but, the students who may even have sensory overload. For those who don’t know, sensory overload is when one or more of the body’s senses experience over stimulation from the environment around them. With such a thing some people may need to go to a room so they can calm down. If not they may accidentally lash out at other students or even the teacher. Lastly, many counselors offices aren’t calming, nor do they have a comfortable feel to them. They’re also loud at times since most offices are hooked to the main office and/or the attendance office which will have people constantly coming in and out all day. Loud noises can actually trigger some people, so it wouldn’t be to great for those who get triggered by them. I know it can’t exactly help people illnesses, however it is still an area for anyone to take a break form all the stress. Yes, this may also not help everyone, but helping just a few people is better than none at all.