My memories

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

I have so many school memories, but I would love to share with you guys two of them. One of my favorite memories is when my friends and I gathered around in one spot in the lunchroom just to eat and talk. We would always have plans to go out as friends, or go out for movies, or maybe do something fun. But let’s go ahead and where I began my freshman year when I started school in Kearns.

I thought everything would be normal as my middle school. One day one of my friends told me to sluff seminary so that we could go hang in the gym and play games, so but that time I didn’t know what sluff was until my mom told me and I was kind of mad because no one wanted to explain what it mean to sluff class and go hang with friends.

Not until I moved schools did I finally decide not to sluff, but to go to class. Coming up to my senior year at Hunter High I would always think about skipping class, but then I still needed to go to classes I order for me to pass my classes. I could find myself lost thinking why do I have to go to a class when there are my friends leaving school, but then I sat and thought about it seeing my future as a big thing for me and my family.

Even though you really want to skip or sluff, you have things that are important to do. I think my most important memories are when I’m in class on my seat ready for class. being there in the classroom with the students surrounding me makes me happy being with those that brighten my day.

I would always have a hard time speaking in public, but in the end I found myself able to speak loudly and clearly. My advice is be who you are and make use of that. Some day may come and you might not know what’s going to happen, but simply be yourself.

I will miss this school and I will miss all my teachers. I would like to thank all of my teachers for their hard work and for being there for us and for me. I may be annoying to some of my teacher, but to be honest they are the best teachers ever and I will never forget their teaching they have given me throughout my four years of thisschool.