Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Is it so hard for you to wake up in the morning just to get ready and come to school.

I think it’s hard for me cause I get so comfortable in my bed with my blanket, and sometimes i just wish that no one would wake me up but for myself to wake myself up. I just wish that we had a long night and a short morning. they would always say that we have a long night, but still, don’t know how long it is cause I feel like we have long morning then nights.

It’s funny how you wake up in the morning and the first word that comes out from your mouth is “school.” I mean it’s hard for some of us to wake up and go to school, it’s hard for some of us to keep ourselves awake while in class. I would always carry a bottle of water with me in case I fell asleep or maybe snore. Sometimes we often to spend our night either on our phones or maybe T.V. We like to spend half of our time watching the things out there, when we really need to prepare ourself for bed.

It’s a challenge for me to see how long I can be on my phone at night time. I would say I sleep like around 10 or 12 because if I were to watch something that I’m so into I would watch it till its done. my mom would have to come and off the T.V for me maybe tell me that its time for me to sleep. My mom would always yell at me and say its time for me to cut out the things that are keeping me awake and try and get some rest. it’s very important that you get your full sleep cause you don’t want to be like me and sleep in class.