Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Today was the Key to Success assembly and there were many fun activities. Congrats to those that got their scholarship and to those that were part of the assembly.

I think my most favorite part of the assembly is when everyone is having fun. but the best part is when I see everyone sitting and just waiting patiently for what’s coming up. It’s better to join all the different activities they prepared for us because you might not know what’s going to happen after that; and you can remember that one time when your showed your talent to everyone.

I know for sure that everyone in this school has there own different talent. I say don’t be too shy to show who you really are in the inside. Prove others wrong. Show what you can do.

One day I was asked  to dance for a wedding. I wasn’t sure about it because I don’t really like to dance in front of people. I get so nervous. But my mom would try to calm me just in order to change my mind and start practicing. My mom grew up as a dancer and that her mom would try and talk to her just to make her dance. My mom told me how she would look at me and think about how lucky she is to have someone that can take her talent and use it in the future. I thank her for that because without her I wouldn’t have anything in my hands. This assembly meant to much to me seeing everyone doing the dance, the singing just reminds me of my home.