Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

There’s a song that’s stuck in my head and it reminds me of who I am. It reminds me that I am who I am and that no one can change that but me. I can’t believe school is almost out, and I still haven’t figured out how the outside world looks or feels. I have felt myself getting emotional these past couple of days knowing how much I’m going to miss this school and all my teachers who have taught me well.

The choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe… And although I am only 17 years of age, I feel as if it’s in reference to the Rolling Stone‚Äôs great song. “Time is no longer on our side. My family gets smaller as the years pass. I no longer have any grandparents, and the rest of the family rarely talks or gets along. Memories that feel as if they occurred. Yesterday turns to flashes of moments that seem to fade away. Make memories while you can, and always put a smile on your face cause it will brighten up your day, from now and forever.”