Senior Ball

Linda Mahe, Staff Writer

The Senior Ball is coming up and everyone is about to buy new dresses and suits. When I had my homecoming dance I wasn’t ready for it, with all the dressing up and putting on makeup, I hated it. My mom sat and cried while looking at me in that dress, and looking at her made me cry even more. She first told me, “Baby girl it’s your year, and you need to spend your time having fun with your classmates.”

When she found out that May 4 is Senior Ball she was very happy and said, “You are going to your dance and you are going to have fun with your friends. Have fun with those who spent time with you during school because you sure are going to miss them.” My mom told me how proud she was of me as she looked at me with a smile. She shared with me how life is easy sometimes and hard sometimes. She went on to tell me that she wasn’t ready for me to graduate, almost as though she didn’t want me to leave school.

But like I have shared before, time goes by fast and now I wish we could switch back time. Enjoy your last year here in Hunter High. Make a memory with a student you grew up with and another memory with your favorite teacher, and there might always be space in your heart for your school.