My opinion

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

There’s a quote that I want to share with you all today and it says “What’s meant to be yours, is already making its way to you. Trust that. Believe that. Focus on living fully in the present. Don’t let your whole life be: ‘I’ll be happy when’. Be happy now.”

I love this quote because throughout my school year my mom and I had a long talk, and she told me this quote. It touched my heart because whatever is stopping you from doing big things, just follow your heart and ‘do you.’ I know school is almost over and there is another day with doing big things. Live your life fully in the present and focus on the bright side.

I had the chance to choose a symbol that represents me which is “THE COCONUT TREE”. I picked this symbol because I am a true Polynesian and I do things that make my family back home proud. The roots represent the ocean, the trunk represents a person, the fruit represents love, the leaves represent the wind, and the leaves represent the beauty. I compare myself to these things because I grew up with a loving heart and my parent taught me well. be happy with who you are now, don’t let the bad things destroy you from your happiness.