My story

Linda Mahe, Staff Writer

It’s so funny how the end of school is almost here, and some of the seniors are struggling with their grades. One of the things I’m happy about myself is that when school started I promised my mom that I would do whatever it took to pass all my credits.  The middle of the year towards the end of the second quarter I got called down to the counselors office and my counselor told me how lucky I was to be here working on my credits and grades, and how I worked hard to prove to many that I will graduate. It’s now fourth quarter and I realize how I have finished all my credits before May 4, and I’m very proud of myself. I’m so happy over how I can finally tell myself that I did it and that I worked hard for it.

I watched a video once about a girl who wanted to become a journalist. When she was a little kid she played with her mom about her being a journalist. When she grew up her dad left her, and she remembers how she begged her dad to stay. When her mom moved out, she stayed in New York, and what she dreamed came true. She became a journalist. Her mom comes to New York to visit her every month and then her mom leaves.