Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Today we had an announcement about the things were going have next week and after school today. They mention that teachers may need to lock their doors so that they can give out tickets to those who are not in class. As I walk down the hallway I notice how there are many students in the hallway instead of in class. I think for some students, they prefer to be with friends than be in class. It’s the best thing to do every morning; to just sit and listen to what they’re going to announce like “Good morning Hunter High students… for today we are going to have a game…a dance…” Or anything, or they announce the winners or something about school. When I first started high school I sometimes forgot about the announcement every morning and I would attempt to ask another student about what’s going on and stuff. It’s always good to listen and write down the things you want to know cause you don’t want to be like me asking other people.