Social media

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Today I’m going to talk about how our lives are so into different kinds of social media rather than be with our loved ones. Social media are technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. I want to compare this one on me because half of my life I spend it on social media and other stuff, rather than be with my loved ones. I know there are other people who take their time just to spend it on things that are not right. Little kids are coming up to our level and with all these problems; maybe we should take our time and get off social media and get to know more history about our family.

To be honest, every day after school when I’m finished with homework, I would be on my phone either on social media or watching movies. Yet sometimes I would be reading a book, do some cleaning, or help my parents with cooking and everything around the house.

School is almost over for me as I graduate in May, and the road to being an adult is kind of hard. Seeing my mom doing everything is hard. She will tell us that “being on social media ain’t going to help us in the future, but being around with family is going to help us in the future.” I agree. We should spend our time on things that will help us through our our life; let’s not waste our time and be on social media because I promise you the stuff on social media are not going to help us. They’ll be there from now till forever, till we die.