The student parking lot at Hunter High

Aspen Bentley, Staff Writer

Here at Hunter High the parking lot in the morning is not a fun place to be. Ever since started started to do the construction work that has forced the students to park wherever they also just park in the worst places. I know most students don’t like walking far ways in the cold to get to their car but too bad. Maybe try to come early to find parking; try to be fast to find parking you actually like.

The driving course for kids to park in, but when I come to school I see like maybe ten cars parked in there. Other cars are parked on the curb of the school and right by the relos. Most cars are not parked correctly. I’m not sure if students are just too lazy or if they just don’t know where to park.

I also know for the people who have to park there, it must be just as hard because you will see some kids walking into school or just minding their own business. The students that are in their cars will just honk for nothing just to scare the kids and make them slip on the ice outside. I saw honking happen even when school first started. It is mostly the seniors and some juniors. I think the reason they do this is because they feel like they are more powerful since they are in upper grades, and they can drive.

I wish they would stop because we might like school more if we all agreed to get along and have fun collectively. Picking on kids who did nothing to you is not okay. That is bullying at its finest.

I know some kids who drive and who don’t do that. They just try to park their cars yet other students will cut them off to get a parking spot. It is a lot to deal with in the morning and some kids roll down their windows for some fresh air and some rude kids will throw trash in the cars threw the windows and then just walk away like nothing happened.

And it’s not even just that. Many do not respect the school at all. Some will just throw their trash everywhere and think it is okay. Students shouldn’t make the staff’s jobs ten times harder and make them clean up after them like they’re four years old.

No, you’re almost out in the real world where the only person who is going to care about you is you, so grow up and stop acting like a child.

Again, in the parking lot student drivers will not let kids walk by them; they will just keep driving and laugh at the kids, which is so rude and disrespectful. I mean no harm towards the staff, but here at Hunter we are not really a family, the culture is the kids do their own thing. So many kids don’t like the other kids and the kids think it’s okay to bully some of the kids inside the school, and outside in the parking lot.