How was everyone’s break

Aspen Bentley, Staff Writer

How was everyone’s break i did what most kids did sleep hang with friends and party on new years i mostly stayed up till 1 am  and watched Netflix while eating candy then the other days i danced and did a lot of fun activities with my friends and family i am guessing a hand full of kids did different things because it was Christmas break so with different religions come different things to do and it is probably completely different from how i celebrated my Christmas.

And on the days leading up to Christmas me and my family like to bake and give things to people so we make cookies and give them to are friends and family and we buy them all a gift sometimes a family gift other times we just give everyone just tiny little personalized gifts that’s my family’s traditions.

I’m guessing every family did something either a little bit the same to my family or something completely different every family has there own traditions and they like passing them on down there family i know my one best friend we have been friends are whole life’s so are traditions are kinda the same but also different growing up are families believed in different things so that is how we grew up but that is perfectly fine i know how you were raised is how you see things and celebrate things which i think is a fun thing about the holidays.