The process of trying out for a sport

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

A  girl I interviewed for this story explained that it’s a big thing for her because if she tries out for a sport she has to make sure that her  grades are up and that her GPA is on track. “I first experienced this process and I think I was stressed because of how nervous I was. I kept telling myself, “Don’t worry; you got this,” until it was time to announce the team. I sat aside because I knew that I didn’t make the team.” She told me.

Now as a high  school student it’s hard because there are a lot of things to focus on, plus some students work and play sports at the same time. I have no idea how they can go to school, then have after school practice, and then work for the rest of the night.  A student first told me that if you have faith in doing many things then you can do more things in the future. Being in a sport, any kind of sport, is a great thing.  You get to be with other athletes, and having that support from your teammates is the best. Having a supportive person in your life and helping you is a great thing. Plus the sense of teamwork really allows for you to grow and learn new things.