In memory of Mr. Sillito

Parker Rushton, Staff Writer

As many students already know, we had an immense tragedy just earlier this year when we lost a member of our Hunter High family, Mr. Sillito, who passed away October 8th of this year from a sudden illness. Mr. Sillito was one of our financial literacy teachers, who was beloved by many of our staff and students, me being among them, for his humor and passion for his job and his students. Mr. Sillito brought much light and laughter to us through his comedic outlook and presentation.

He worked at Hunter High School for the last 30 years where he also advised the yearbook, and worked with our FBLA. His teaching gave me, personally, a much more realistic outlook on my future and how I want to prepare for it, and it would be wrong of me not to mention what he would have wanted me, and many of his students,  to remember most of all, pay day lenders are horrible and evil. I still laugh about how he talked about his hatred of pay day lenders when I think about it.

Many other students lives were effected by his passing. His former student Tasha Waterfield had him on her first period on B days last year in his financial literacy class. She said if she needed to describe Mr. Sillito in one word it would be “hilarious” and while his comedy made her laugh it also helped her to feel better. When asked about one memory she will never forget about Mr. Sillito she responded with “Him making me laugh and feel better when I was sick in his class, I felt like crap but he made me feel better” and his kind nature and playful attitude seemed to leave an impression on her. Her reaction to his passing, as described by her was, “I immediately cried in class when I found out”

Mr. Sillito had a large effect on his students and co workers alike, as his fellow teachers have nothing but positive stories about him making them laugh and smile. Mr. Sillito was a fantastic teacher who had a major effect on a lot of lives and while we will miss him, our memories of him making us laugh and smile will forever live on in our memories. Rest in Peace Mr. Sillito, you will be missed.