What is FBLA

Aspen Bentley, Staff Writer

FBLA is a club that does a lot of fun stuff. Fun things such as eat food. It’s interesting to see a club that is really involved with food. They also do different things for Halloween. They painted pumpkins and Ms. Bryner let all of her Freshman Success students vote on which one was better. It was hard to vote because all the pumpkins were amazing. Bryner tells her classes about how in FBLA you get to decorate a Christmas tree and it has to have a theme.

In FBLA they sell things during lunch. At the beginning of the school year and for a little while after they were selling donuts at both lunches. Now Bryner also sells snacks in her room and water during both lunches. This is great because some kids don’t have a lot of time at lunch to walk to Smith’s and back and get to their next class on time. Her allowing  kids to come during lunches and to get a drink and a snack is great. It is even better when it is really cold and you don’t feel like walking in the snow. Students may stay in the building and head to Bryner’s room for some lunch.