My opinion on the assembly

Aspen Bentley, Staff Writer

I think that it was one of the best assembly’s we have had so far it was so cute and he looked so welcomed and happy witch was wonderful everyone who i over heard talking about the assembly loved it they all said it was one of the best ones witch is so true i think it is because we all knew we were helping a kid out and helping him make his dream come true i think that it was so cute to see him dance when they were playing the mini games and i really liked how they used little green sticky notes to put on are phone’s for him that was something we have not done yet.

And i’m glad that most people liked it and made him and his family feel so welcomed and like they are apart of the hunter family in a way  i’m so happy that this  assembly was focused on something that made someone happy and changed there life in a way and i’m glad that i was there to witness it and to see a family going threw a lot but still smile and make the most of the day.