Girls soccer

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Soccer was one of my favorite sports to play when I was a little kid. I would be the first person to practice and the last person to leave the field. Soccer was one of my main thing to do because growing up my father would teach me the steps of becoming a great player. I would say soccer was hard for me, because I hate running, I hate when we lose a game. But one thing I learned from it was that we are not perfect to do everything right. We have to put our trust and play with fully strength.

One of the common things I do is I listen to what the coaches are saying, because if your not listening then you might not know what to do in the field. When I moved out here everything changed, I wasn’t in the mood to play soccer, with schooling and family problem I wasn’t into playing cause I knew that if I was to play then everything would be different because who knows I might be late to practice, I might not make the team, I might not be able to do things that I did before.

Seeing the Hunter High School soccer girls makes me proud because not only they play there best to win that trophy but they are leaning something from it, they get to learn from there mistake and do better from it. One day outside in the hot sunny day the girls had soccer practice, and that hit me because they get to practice out side wild its hot. They get to practice hard and hard because they want the best for there team mate. To the coach who worked hard for the Hunter high soccer player they wouldn’t made it that far if it wasn’t for your teaching and support. And to all the girls who’s on the soccer team, great job.