Hearing screening date changed to March 28

Why this is necessary at Hunter High

January 16, 2024, a hearing screening was planned here at Hunter High, there would be a hearing screening taking place all day. This has been changed to March 28. You may be wondering, what exactly a hearing screening is. A hearing screening is a series of tests that are performed on students to determine how good their sense of hearing is. These tests will include qualified nurses or medical technicians playing a series of sounds to you, all at different frequencies, and asking you to signal them when you hear a certain frequency.

Many wonder what exactly happens if you can’t hear some or all of the frequencies they play for you. Typically in this case, if you cannot hear the frequencies the first time, you go to a re-screening station. At this station, they perform a more in-depth examination of your ear. They look for signs of fluid buildup, and just make sure the eardrum is functioning properly. If they determine the possibility of hearing loss or complications, a referral to a medical professional or an audiologist at a doctor’s office is issued to your parents or guardians.

Now exactly the point of the tests is with today’s technology advancing, and the usage of headphones and other devices becoming more common, hearing loss is increasing at a rapid rate. According to the National Council on Aging, about 430 million people are experiencing hearing loss, 34 million of which are children, and by 2050, this number is expected to rise to about 700 million people. These hearing tests being performed at school periodically can help prevent hearing loss from worsening, and sometimes stopping it before it starts.







Everything You Need to Know about School Hearing Screenings




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