My last week of school

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

To be honest, I will miss this school knowing I’m going to be a Sophomore after summer vacation. While my cousin and fellow journalist Selina Malu will be graduating, I was really thankful to have her here with me for the time I spent on the newspaper. When I got here it was very gratifying and the adviser was very helpful so I’m glad to end this with an article about my experiences in all my classes even though I moved here in the middle of the year.

At first, I thought I would probably not going to get along with any of my teachers or students, but it turns out I was gratefully wrong about Hunter High; I had a fun time hanging with new kids and getting to know my teachers here, and I was very grateful with all them because I had a fun time here. It was probably the greatest grade year I had so far, I just hope in the near future that I will have this much fun in my Sophomore year while working hard.

The teachers I had this year were very helpful and gave me multiple times to get my grade up and I’m grateful for that honestly I probably want to hang out at Hunter High for a little while longer even though we students only get 2 months off.  I know this article is short but I don’t really know how to explain in detail how much fun I had this year. I truly do wish to spend more quality time with the people I considered good friends and teachers. This is my last article and I just wanted to thank Ms.Waldburger for giving me this fun year of Journalism and giving me encouragement.