Assistant principal at Bonneville Jr. High is on leave over allegations of racism

Christina Nery, Staff Writer

According to several local news sources, Tuesday, May 17, in Granite School District, Bonneville Jr. High’s assistant principal, Mr. Bauer, is on leave after being racist toward a student. Eighth grader, Melanie Oeur, who is Cambodian/Bosnian was dress coded by Mr. Bauer and realized that she was being singled out because he didn’t dress code any of the “white girls” and spoke out and said “Is it because I’m brown?” and he responded with, “Yes.”

Many students were around when it happened and were shocked to hear his response. The student called her mom in tears and her mom, Nina Fetik was furious and devastated. Fetik told news reporters, “I picked her up and she is in tears, red face, tears flowing down her face, crying.”

Granite School District responded to the incident with this statement “Late this afternoon, the District became aware of a very serious allegation of harassment and racism that was leveled against an assistant principal at Bonneville Junior High School. Because of the nature and severity of the allegation, the employee was immediately placed on administrative leave until a District level investigation can be completed.

Granite District and the Bonneville Junior High and community, work to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all of our students. Harassment and racism will not be tolerated in any form. We anticipate taking appropriate action once the investigation is complete. We appreciate the parent bringing this concern to our attention so that it can be addressed. The employee in question is currently slated to retire at the end of this school year, but an investigation is still warranted while they are still employed with the District.”