Snowy headline- the snow storm

Selina Malu, Ramon Fonseca, Staff Writers

December 15, by evening, Utah had gone through its first snowstorm since the start of this winter season. The snowstorm had blanketed West Valley City with a foot of snow. As school districts called off school, students were able to do their assignments online and have more time to sleep and catch up on any assignments they missed out on. The entire day students stayed home or went out with friends to spend their snow day. But as winter break approaches people are getting lazier and procrastinating more and more till the last day to make up assignments. So as a tip it is better for you to get everything done before winter break and have fun with no stress.

Ice was all over the place. Yesterday alone, I saw three old people and slip and fall. The snowstorm yesterday caused a lot of delays. Some of the roads are still icy.