Selina Malu, Staff Writer

The definition of targeting is “selecting as an object of attention or attack.” Or in this editorial, the term more closely means “selection of someone to show hate for.” Recently here at Hunter High school there has been hateful expressions shown to all types. I have observed some people target the Latinos for taking up the hallways in the commons making things harder to go to other periods. I’ve noticed others target White people for being treated with more respect from teachers than other races. I have seen African Americans get targeted because of many assumptions like being rebellious. I have witnessed Polynesians get attacked for being the coaches’ favorites. All of these I have heard and seen just by walking down the schools’ hallways. But what if that all went away? What if we brainwashed ourselves to forget the assumptions and become non-biased? What if we came together instead of growing apart from each other?

In our homes we are taught to bring peace to each other. Your moms have probably told you to stop fighting with your siblings and bring peace to the household. If you are the peacemaker in your family, can’t you be the peacemaker here at school? All throughout my high school years I have noticed that most everyone is separated into their own groups. If not separated by their skin color, they are separated into their clubs or sports.

As the new school year progresses can we take the time to [at least] like each other in some way? I am not a hippie nor a peacemaker, but I do see the difference in the three years that I have been here. Teachers, please do not make any assumptions happening here at the school. Everyone has their own reason for why they are the way they are. Understand that we too have lives and families to come home to. Even if our generation is stubborn, understand that our generation was not brought up from phones on the walls and funky hairdos. Our generation has a lot of technology that your generation never really had. Our generation is a lot more soft than yours; we take things to heart. We aren’t tough like you guys because all in our lives we hid behind a screen that showed us what we wanted to be and not what we really are. Do not target each other because we all live our lives, yet our lives are all different.