Hunter High’s online newspaper

Ramon Fonseca , Staff Writer

The Blueprint is Hunter High’s online newspaper, where you get to read articles written by students from the journalism class. The purpose of The Blueprint is to cover everything that’s going on. There are many types of articles you can read; they range from school related to the outside world. The articles all come from the brilliant minds of the students from the Journalism class. We hope to see a lot of students read The Blueprint this year. 

When The Blueprint used to be on paper, it got a lot of readers. Later on, The Blueprint switched to online. It saved a lot of money, but the number of readership fell. Barely anyone knows about The Blueprint. Ms. Waldburger, the teacher behind The Blueprint, is aiming to advertise The Blueprint through the morning announcements and fliers. Hopefully that’ll increase the number of viewership on The Blueprint website. Thank you for reading and welcome to Hunter High’s online newspaper The Blueprint.