6.4 earthquake in Nevada

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

This 6.4 earthquake just took place south of Reno Nevada and North of Las Vegas. It happened around 5:00 AM this morning, May 15 and was followed by tons of aftershocks. As of writing this (11:58 AM, 5/15) there has been at least a couple dozen of them, one of the strongest ones ranging to a 5.1 magnitude which is pretty close to the one we had here in Slat Lake City. They’ve already been rattled by dozens of 4.0 aftershocks and will probably continue to through the next few weeks or so until they start to calm down.

These aftershock can and most likely will continue through the next few months with the numbers slow but surly declining much like Utah and Idaho have. This Earthquake did happen in virtually the middle of nowhere so there is not a lot of damage reports beside Esmeralda County has closed the highway between SR-360 and US-6 to repair the cracked road, other then that just a few fallen items in nearby stores. Locals did report mild shaking but nothing that could be damaging to homes or other locations.