Humans impact on animals and the planet

Colby Hayden, staff writer

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases, and what do we do? We burn fossil fuels, which puts off greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, and they get trapped there, causing our Earth surface to heat up. And guess what? We’re the main cause of global warming, but do we not realize not only are we putting ourselves at risk but also animals? It’s highly unfair these poor creatures have to suffer for our stupid mistakes.

Global warming is a serious thing, obviously it affects you, and I, plus everyone else on this planet, but also the animals. With global warming, many animals habitats are being damaged, such as the ice caps, which are in the Arctic. What animals live in the Arctic? Polar bears, Reindeer, Moose, seals (plus many different other breeds of seals), and there are a lot more species that live in the Arctic. There is a major issue with global warming, not only will these animals be getting affected by global warming, but others will be too. We will also get effected by global warming. How? Well, you see with global warming, oceans are rising and this will effect living conditions on the coasts. The oceans may rise so much the houses begin having water too close, which will require them to move further inland.

You see, global warming isn’t the only issue, us humans are not too great at recycling, but we are great at littering. Due to us littering so much, Oceans are getting packed with plastic. It’s estimated that 14 billion pounds of trash, most being plastic, is dumped into the oceans a year. Do you realize how terrible that is for the Marine life? When fish, birds, whales and many other animals are trying to search for food they do sometimes end up getting food, but others still sometimes leave with a mouthful of garbage. The amount of garbage we put in the ocean is terrible.

Do we not realize that the ocean is a available resource for us all? The ocean is available source because not only does it hold a food resource we like, but it produces oxygen for us and it regulates the Earths climate. How is the ocean suppose to do all these things if we pollute it so much? How are we going to feel when fish start dying off due to our stupid mistakes?

People need to start taking better charge with this, cause if we don’t fix this, it can all end terrible for us all.