Hunter yearbook

Agustin Mariscal, Staff Writer

At the end of each school year you get the option to buy a yearbook. When purchasing this it includes pictures of all the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They also have pictures of all the classes SBOs, clubs, sports teams, and many more. Now being a part of this yearbook staff is not a easy task, You have to arrange times to get all the clubs together and take pictures of them. Soon after that you enter the stage of editing and in some cases you have to add certain affects to the pictures. Those affects could include a specific background for a group picture, or just trying to finish the regular pictures could also take some time.

The Hunter yearbook “club” is a bit of challenge, yet it comes with some really good benefits. The best one would be that you are always around friends in this club. You never do anything alone, it’s a club for a reason so you will always be interacting with other students that are in it with you. This is a really important and needed club for Hunter, they go around taking pictures of other clubs and the activities they are doing, and if it weren’t for this club we wouldn’t have a school yearbook. Many other clubs are for you to do fun activities, go to exciting places, and keep you entertained. Yearbook club is different from those other clubs, you are always busy doing something, if its taking pictures of others or just simply editing a picture. No matter what, you are always busy with a project.

There are students who find they don’t enjoy being a part this club; perhaps the expectations of this club are to have the kind of fun that is not for them. This club is fun for some students, but to the others they see it as a pointless club. The reason for that is because these students don’t like to be given projects. Because of that students don’t approach or give yearbook club that much attention. Most students interested in photography are the ones enrolled in this club. Now for the projects assigned must be taken care of with delicacy. This club is a very important essential for our school and should be given more credit than what its getting right now.