Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Why do some student love to skip class?

I always ask myself this question, why can’t I skip class and be cool with other students. Do they skip class because it’s fun, do they skip class because they think it’s okay, or they just love to do it cause they don’t care about school. I sometimes ask myself why can’t I do things like this instead of me going to class, I ask myself is it worth to skip and not do thing’s that are important to me in the future. I know for a fact that we should go to school and straight to class. Doing these things makes your parents proud not only that it makes you proud, be the person you want to become in the future. Let’s not forget how our parents raised us to be good and do great things. I don’t really like school but in the end I imagined myself in a great place in the future. It’s my last year here in Hunter High School and I want to make my last year the best year ever. Let’s not waste our time on something, not important let’s take our time and finish strong.