Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

Good morning students. Hi, my name is Linda Mahe and today I had chance to interview my cousin about how she made it to the basketball team. As I interviewed, it came across to my mind that playing sports does cause damage to any body parts on you. As she was answering my questions, she first told me, “I don’t know if I want to play.” I paused and asked “Why not? I mean it’s just a fun sport.” She told me, “No it’s not about that, it’s about how scared I am to play again because I don’t want to get hurt like how I was before. I know for a fact that playing hard won’t do anything but it will take you to the winning spot, and I know that playing any kind of sport can hurt you and that hurt will never go away, you can play on every game, but the hurt will still be in you.”

My cousin told me that she used to play basketball but she stopped. She knew that she will get hurt and that she may get a concussion, which she don’t want to get. “Getting hurt and stuff will go away but it will stay in you and wait there till you get hurt again.”

It’s better to check up with your doctor to see whats going on with your body to see if anything needs to be fix before you play.