The process for trying out for a sport

Linda Mahe , Staff Writer

It’s a new year and we have earned another beautiful day into our life this morning. I like to start of with  a little bit of information about process for trying out in any kind of sports. Trying out for a sport is a big thing for some student, and one thing I learned is that no one can force you to try out for a sport that you don’t want to play. It’s about your dreams and goals. Plus you personally have to prepare yourself.

A cousin of mine tried out for basketball and she made the team. She told me that it’s better to prepare yourself before tryouts. You have to start eating healthy, drink lots of water, start working out, get more sleep, and stay fit. Trying out for her was so hard because when she first started she was nervous that the coaches might not pick her, but she was wrong. She was chosen to play for West Jordan High School.

Some student are just worried that they might not get there number or their spot, but trust me you will and you will get whatever you need. One thing that is part of trying out is that you have to have a higher grades in order to play. A student told me that she want to tryout to basketball but she can’t because her grades are bad, so I told her that if you go to class and do your work and turn in every assignment, then everything will be fine.

We as students we stand together as brothers and sisters. We can do things by keeping our mind on things that are right. If we do things that are right we will one day be proud of ourselves, and our parents will be proud of us.

Start your goal and dream big.  You can do this. Play with your heart, bounce with your hands, and hit that floor with your feet; that will be your new home. You take that ball with you to this home as it belongs to you and your teammates.